No Pit is too Deep!

I’m sitting at my desk this morning, holding a “Pit Pen” that my daughter created with hot glue, paint and a cheap pen. The Lord gave me the creative idea of the “Pit Pen” and I was casually telling Emma about it. She sat quietly listening to the details of my vision for the pen. Nothing else was spoken about it after that. A day or so later, Emma comes to me with a “Pit Pen” in her hand. She reached out towards me with the pen in her hand. I was amazed! I took it from her hand, closely observed it and then realized, what she had created was exactly what I had envisioned. God is good. He gave me the vision for the pen as well as my daughter so she could create it.

When I hold my “Pit Pen” in my hand, I immediately ask myself, “how deep is my pit today?” I then am reminded, “no pit is to deep for God to rescue me!” When someone else holds a “Pit Pen” in their hand, I want them to not only reflect on the pit they find themselves in, but to come to the revelation that in spite of the pit they are in, God’s grace is sufficient to rescue them.

The “Pit Pen’s” will be available on my book table during book signings of my new book called: From the Pit to the Promise. Check out the picture of the very first Pit Pen. Rejoice! God is doing an amazing work. I plan to give Emma a percentage of the sales of the Pit Pen’s since she’s the designer behind the idea. She’s such a talent that God is using in great ways for His glory. Thank you Emma!


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  1. That is so cool. God is filling you and your daughter with ideas to prosper you but most importantly to impact lives, restore hope, build confidence, help people change their direction so they too can live a free and joyous life through the love and power of Jesus Christ. I love what you are doing Chris, allowing God to work through you to make a positive impact on so many living in the pit so they can rise up out of it and see God is real He loves them and He can make a way where there seems to be no way. You’re doing good work!

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